FAQ: Pre-Order (BackerKit) Shipping & Taxes/VAT

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This FAQ regards our BackerKit Pre-Order Page for those who make purchases after the Kickstarter campaign has ended.

Shipping Date

All purchases are pre-orders; you will receive your items at a later date (as of now, this is estimated as Dec 2025).

Shipping Charges

Due to fluctuating global shipping rates, we will be charging shipping fees at a later date from your initial pre-order. You will be sent an email (at the email address you pre-order with) a few days prior to confirm this additional charge.

VAT/Sales Tax

We have included current VAT and sales tax information for most of the common locations we are shipping to. However, we are still working to finalize these numbers for the entire globe. If your pre-order includes a charge for tax or VAT during checkout, then your region has already been added.

No Tax/VAT Charged at Checkout

If you do not see a tax/VAT charge during checkout, it is because of one of the following reasons:

  • your location has not yet been added to our system
  • your location does not require a tax/VAT charge (this includes all USA states except for North Carolina, as at this time we do not meet the threshold for a nexus)

Tax/VAT Charged when Shipping is Charged

If your location is determined to require VAT/tax but you were not charged during your initial pre-order, this amount will be charged when shipping is charged.

Additionally, some countries/locations require shipping charges to be taxed or included in VAT; if this is the case for your location, you will see an additional charge for this fee when shipping is charged.

Estimated ​​Shipping Rates

LOCATION Item: 3 BOOK SET ($95 Pledge Level)
Norway / Switzerland*$35
Canada $38
Rest of the World$85
All listed prices are estimates and subject to change.

*Not customs friendly


IMPORTANT: We are unable to ship to: Russia, Ukraine, Afghanistan, Belarus, Iran, Iraq, Syria, South and Central America.

Due to high rates of packages going missing in some countries, we will not re-send packages if they go missing to the following countries: Pakistan and Nigeria.

Israel may have additional fees due to dangerous handling being imposed by couriers to the region.