Stone Age Adventures: What Can You Do in a No-Magic RPG?

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Two stone age hunters are surprised by a charging Megafauna Elk

Without Magic, What Kind of Adventures Can an RPG Offer? When we think of roleplaying games, our minds often drift to realms brimming with magic, mythical beasts, and arcane mysteries, and Stone Age adventures don’t really seem to fit. These fantastical elements have become almost synonymous with the RPG genre, setting a certain expectation for what these games entail. Venturing … Read More

Randomworlds Q&A with Loren Small (Born from Ice)

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Loren Small in Born from Ice Style

On January 16, 2024 Randomworld TTRPG Chatroom hosted Loren Small, designer of Born from Ice, for a Q&A session on their Discord server. This chat is archived on the Hardboiled GMshoe’s website, and has also been transcribed here. Included are name and time stamps, to help keep it clear who is typing. It has been lightly edited for readability on … Read More

RPG Comparison: Würm by Chaosium

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Cover of Wurm by Chaosium and Cover of Born from Ice: Stone Age Role-Playing

Note: This is one of several articles that looks at other games (Würm by Chaosium) comparing what they do with Born from Ice. The intent is not to critique or find fault, but rather to try to present the scope of prehistoric tabletop RPG options that are available, and show the unique things that Born from Ice brings to the … Read More

Why 5e?

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ritual camp fire

5e is the Perfect Platform for Born from Ice Often, I’m asked, “Why base this game on 5e?” It’s a fair question. Dungeons & Dragons, after all, is a prominent name in the RPG world, and I fully recognize that there are players who prefer RPGs outside the Wizards of the Coast umbrella. This diversity in gaming preferences is fantastic! … Read More

Monsters of the Stone Age: A Halloween Special

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The Haunted Corners of Prehistory Halloween is upon us, and while the holiday may not have existed during the Stone Age, the fear of the unknown, the dark, and the monstrous certainly did. Today, we’re exploring the terrifying creatures that our ancestors might have feared. These aren’t the fantastical dragons or undead beings from your typical D&D game. No, these … Read More

Why No Magic? Making a No-Magic Setting

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Moving on from Magic Magic is a cornerstone of most fantasy tabletop role-playing games (TTRPGs), especially Dungeons & Dragons (D&D). The allure of casting fireballs, healing wounds, and transforming into fantastical creatures is an integral part of the D&D experience. So, why would anyone want to remove such a compelling component from the game? That’s the question I grappled with … Read More