Actual Play: Blood and Clay – Playtest Adventure

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Join designer Loren Small in an exhilarating actual play video session as he takes on the role of Game Master, guiding players through a chilling adventure. Blood and Clay is the premier play test adventure for Born from Ice. This session provides a firsthand look at the unique dynamics of a prehistoric setting where magic is non-existent and survival is a daily challenge.

A Mysterious and Sinister Threat

This actual play opens with a mysterious and sinister transformation that has gripped the clan: their vital water source, crucial for survival, turns ominously to blood. This eerie phenomenon sets the stage for the session. The spirits of the land choose the players for a crucial mission, launching them into a perilous journey to seek the truth behind this grim transformation.

As the players progress, they face numerous threats, including a haunted, monstrous beast lurking in the forest and a group of mysterious newcomers who have violated sacred lands. The decisions made by the players during this session could lead to peace or provoke conflict that might change the landscape of their world forever. This actual play highlights the intense decision-making process typical in “Born from Ice,” where every choice can have monumental consequences.

As the actual play progresses, the group’s endurance, wisdom, and strategic thinking are put to the test against the backdrop of a world where every element can mean the difference between life and death. Will they manage to overcome the supernatural entity corrupting their land? Can they balance the scales and prevent their tribe from collapsing into chaos?

Join Loren Small in this captivating actual play session that delves into the essence of human resilience and the complex interactions that define our ancestral past. Discover whether the players can overcome the challenges that await and forge a legacy that will echo through the ages in Blood and Clay.

Download A Free Copy of the Adventure

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